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Sunday, 22-Jun-2008 02:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mohd Aqeef Farish bermain dgn B&W..

Dak ni nama dia Muhammad Aqeef Farish..umur dia stahun lebih kot..Beliau merupakan anak sdare saya yg amat manje dan cepat lapar..skit2 nangis..tp kalo perut kenyang, org x acah pun dia gelak..time ni pagi, dia br bgn tdo..oleh kerana dia dlm mood baik, kedudukan pun baik (tp bhaya gak x pakai pampers nih..)..saya pun menyenep beberapa pic dia yg ngah teruja tgk blue hippo menari2..mawwi mawwa' mawwi mawwa'..pah ke ceroh..

keep learning sayang...

rindu giler kat aqeef..

lenkali alang upload lagi video best utk qeef..

Monday, 9-Jun-2008 04:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Celamat Pengantin Baru to Zetty & dear Hubby Asnawi..

ngah bersiap2...
upacara myarungkan cincin
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Pada 28 Mei 2008 jam 1015 pm, maka telah pun sah saya ini menjadi isteri orang...Alhamdulilah semuanya berjalan lancar..kat bwh ni ader sikit gmbr intro, lenkali akan di up load lagi, masih lam proses mengedit..sila2 menjamu mata untuk permulaan...



upacara sarung cincin..

sarung kat hubby lak..



u're my other half, my last piece of puzzle..

many many thanks dear..

Friday, 8-Feb-2008 04:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Legend Of Hai Peng....

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Life has its little surprises like finding small treasures in the strangest places. One day, I found myself in the sleepy town of Chukai, South of Terengganu and was awaken pleasantly by the aroma of Hai Peng coffee ( I heard a lot bout Hai Peng ).
Let’s start with the quaint coffee shop that houses this family run business. The coffee shop first opened its door in the year of the nearby river. It has survived through the wreckages of the World War II and is still serving the best coffee around. Wooden chairs and marbles tables line up the shop and I was greeted with the friendliest smiles from the servers. There are plenty of age old portraits and emblems decorating the walls which adds to the uniqueness of the place, yet makes you feel cozy and at home.
The always busy coffee shop (locals call it Kopi-Tiam) is evidence to the popularity of the place. It is where the locals go to start their day with a cup of strong coffee and a hearty breakfast or unwind after a hard day’s work. It also makes a good watch out spot on the buzz of the town.
The signature coffee is the ‘Kopi O’ is freshly brewed hot coffee with sugar served in a traditional porcelain cup and saucer. I was blown away by how rich it tasted and felt quite high strung after a few sips. It was not meant for the weak. But after getting used to the caffeine rush, I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Kopi O’ that went really well with the old fashioned charcoal toasted buns with kaya (a sweet creamy spread made from coconut milk and eggs) and ice cold slabs of butter.
They serve an extensive variation of coffee drinks from their self-concocted ‘Hai-Peng Special’, coffee with raw cocoa which gives a robust and aromatic taste but with a hint of bitterness around it. The conventional latte. The coffee is always freshly brewed from the kitchen. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, I felt that Hai Peng may just turn into your convert.
What is also important like any other food joint is of course what whets appetite. Their extensive menu makes dining here possible throughout the day. Scrumptious local delicacies like nasi dagang, nasi lemak and ketupat palas are served. Also, its safe to say that this is the only place in the vicinity that you will be able to get good home-made western snacks such as French toast, peanut butter and banana sandwich. It is the bread they use that makes a whole lot difference.
The owner, Uncle Wong, He’s 93 (but he not like 93, full of strength and smile). Locals call him “chik” who first started selling coffee and toast from a small wooden shack, still comes around the coffee shop everyday. According to him, it’s not an easy habit to break since he has doing it for so long. Now, the operations have been handed down to his lovely daughter Elaine. I wasn’t sure if it was the charm of the old town Chukai or the fresh air that swept across the land, but I certainly felt very relaxed and contented being there.
Asking them what makes their coffee so different and the most sought after, Elaine said that there is simply no secret to it. They pick the best coffee beans to use, traditionally and freshly brewed for every single serve and genuine warm service that keeps people coming back. It is not rare to find customers driving up all the way to Chukai for a cup of Hai Peng coffee. So in keeping up with dine-in orders and request for take outs, stacks of readily packed Hai Peng coffee are available too.
The Hai Peng coffee has a reputation of being the finest coffee in the east Coast and it lives up to its names. Strategically located right smacked in the middle of the Chukai town. You wouldn’t want to miss it when u comes here.

A cup of slurpyyy coffee

kak zura n me ..

azie n k.win sgt khusyuk...

jam kayu , jam yang diperbuat daripada kayu..

susah da nk cr jam cenggini kan..


ready made coffee...

Sunday, 21-Oct-2007 06:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
gabungan beberapa majlis ..

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hi everyone..
here we go..kat sini ada bbrapa gambar gabungan bberapa majlis..
termasuklah majlis pertunangan sahabat dunia akhirat saya cik Nor Madiha Bt Mat Nor..ngeh3..
sila la saksikan..dan sila la komen..dan ada terselit gmbr kambing yg dibuli oleh husna..
tu time raya..
k..minta diri dulu ...assalamualaikum...

3 kerat ni je yg tinggal..

ank solehah, mama solehah dan anak soleh koleh

dik yati nge MYVI baru..

en kambing yg dbuli pehak x btanggungjwb..ha3..jahat..

sulung during btunang..

semangat seh baca doa mek nih..

Tuesday, 9-Oct-2007 02:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lambakan tudung membanjiri stesen bas MPKT, Kuala Terengganu

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Semalam rose asking me for accompany her soping tudung raya at steseng bah bando..
sy pun dgn excited campur teruja pun g la gedek2 2 org ke KT..rose nk soping tuk kak ipar dia n mak dia..kiriman byk gak aa..rasanya kat 2 jam gak duk situ..bese la pompuan memilih kan..(mcm la sy ni bkn pompuan..ga ga ga)..
daripada pemerhatian yg sy buat, tudung kat trg jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lebih murah kalo nk compare nge tmpt lain ..selain kelantan...so kepada sape2 yg nk suh sy nelikan tudung kat sini boleh jer..
insyAllah sy belikan, cakap nk jenis apa, paten cane, kaler apa..bank in duit ..sy leh dapat nge hrga murah.. ..tolong menolong sesama kiteeee.....

tgk la kaler nyer yg memukau jiwa dan berlian nyer yg gemerlapan bak lampu lip lap..

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